Business organisations that are looking to manage and enhance environmental performance need to implement a functional environment management system. Duke Environmental are able to offer Environmental management in Brisbane with proven benefits for different businesses as they usher in the new era of sustainable business operations. Organisations are under constant pressure to improve their environmental performance due to freak natural disasters and unpredictable weather conditions. So, governments are creating new environmental regulations to pressurise business organisations and make them aware of the environmental impacts of their choices.

What is Environmental Performance?

You need to understand what constitutes environmental management before you undertake the responsibility of improving environmental performance. To achieve enhanced environmental performance, the first thing you should consider is the environment that includes air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelationships. Secondly, you have to take into account the environmental impact of the element of an organisation’s activities, products or services that interact or can interact with the environment like the use of energy, generation of waste and emissions to air, land and water.

An Effective Environmental Management System would help you to:

• Handle environmental aspects and their interaction with the environment.

• Fulfil compliance obligations, which may be mandatory or voluntary.

• Make you aware and find the solution to all the risks from internal and external sources.

• Find and implement opportunities arising to enhance environmental performance.

Here are few tips for developing an effective environmental management system:

• Determine the environmental requirements and objectives of your business organisation and its objectives and align them to ensure environmental improvements that support your business strategy.

• Ensure that you remain compliant, undertaking measures to monitor your activities, and quickly respond to any legislative changes to reduce any impact on your business operations.

• Stay up to date on environmental policies and changes that could impact your existing business plans.

• Always review your activities and improve them to achieve sustainable development.

• Collect and evaluate evidence to analyse performances and develop effective ways to make effective use of opportunities and mitigate benefits.

Improving or enhancing environmental management is best achieved through the implementation of an effective and compliant management system that ensures that your commitment to improving performance also has the resources, infrastructure and framework to act on that commitment in a sustainable and systematic manner.