Evaluating the quality of land is not always a simple task. You require the assistance of an expert when it comes to potential site contamination. The assessment normally happens in two stages. This is a standard process that is followed by the renowned organisations across the world.

Phase 1:

A preliminary site investigation or desktop study is prepared initially by the contaminated land professionals. This is accomplished by the use of related public and site-specific data to make the initial assessment reports that include historical maps, photographic logs and site history. Contaminated Land Assessment in Queensland can be conducted in stages. This preliminary  stage is mainly used for:

• Financial Assurance
• Property transactions and due diligence
• Decommissioning assessment planning

Preliminary contaminated land reports are easily comprehensible and provide the important facts and information necessary to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

Phase 2:

A detailed contaminated land site assessment is necessary only if the preliminary investigations indicate the potential for site contamination, either from listings on registers or other investigations undertaken during the preliminary investigations.

Detailed assessments include the following:

• Evaluation of the entire site information and expansion of sampling strategies;
• Detailed Discussion with pertinent stakeholders;
• Expansion of definite health and safety plans and procedures;
• Soil sampling using invasive investigation plant and equipment; and
• Both Groundwater and surface water sampling

The Phase 2 reports will:

• Summarise the current condition of the site and present a photographic log generated during the investigation;
• Detail the configuration of underground infrastructure that may impact on the location or movement of contamination such as USTs;
• Clearly, represent areas of concern or exceedances on plans and cross sections to allow ease of interpretation;
• Identify the nature and extent of contamination (if any) present and outline any uncertainties associated with soil contamination issues.

The reports are prepared with regard to the relevant reporting requirements of the specific state requirements. Contaminated Land assessment is a complicated task that requires a team of experienced professionals. Detailed site investigations require the commissioning of a Contaminated Land Auditor, in addition to your contaminated land consultant. The consultant must be a person deemed suitably qualified under the Environmental Protection Act 1994. If you are planning to hire a consultant for contaminated land assessment do thorough research before selecting the organisation.