Acoustic Assessments – General and Liquor Licensing

Duke Environmental own the technologies to complement our extensive experience in noise assessment services, bringing you a South-East Queensland Noise Management Service, based on the Sunshine Coast.

Access state-of-the-art noise monitoring and modelling technologies and well respected professional noise assessment services, under one roof – saving you time and money.

Our sound level meters with extended period data collection; cutting edge computer software; and our highly trained software analysts, have you covered for all environmental noise requirements.

For compliance with your liquor licence conditions, Duke Environmental uses a state-of-the-art sound level meter to calibrate your Sound Limiting Device.

The team at Duke Environmental liaise closely with representatives from Local and State Government to assist your facility in obtaining a new or amended licence under the Liquor Act 1992 in respect to noise emission levels.

General and Liquor Licensing services include:

  • Noise Source Identification and Measurements
  • Noise Assessment, Monitoring, Modelling and Acoustic Attenuation
  • Industrial, Commercial, Residential Subdivision, Sport and Recreation
  • Future Traffic Noise Impacts
  • Liquor Licencing – Building design, acoustic mitigation, calibration of sound limiting devices and annual licence testing.
Duke noise monitoring

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