Guideline 51 Preparing an Acoustic Report came into effect on July 1 2019 and replaced Guideline 50 Preparing an Acoustic Report.

The guideline provides acoustic consultants with a standard to report to and assists in determining and setting noise limits at premises licensed under the Liquor Act 1992. The purpose is to assist the licensee so that the premises does not produce unreasonable noise.

Unreasonable noise, in relation to licensed premises, is defined under Section 4 of the Act and means noise that:

  • Exceeds the limits (if any) prescribed by regulation; or
  • Contravenes a compliance order than applies to the premises; or
  • Contravenes a condition that applies to the licence or permit for the premises.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) requires an assessment to be undertaken under Guideline 51 of the licensed premises to determine noise limits to prevent unreasonable noise emitting from the venue.

What happens when I need an assessment under Guideline 51?

  1. Our qualified and experienced acoustic engineers will visit the licensed (or soon to be licensed) premises to understand the issues and discuss your expectations regarding noise.
  2. We will undertake an acoustic investigation at the premises which involves collecting noise data at the site.
  3. We prepare a report to align with Guideline 51, determining noise limits to prevent unreasonable noise emitting from the premises.
  4. The Report is then sent to OLGR who will issue the Liquor Licence with the noise limits determined through the investigation.

If you need an assessment undertaken under Guideline 51, please call our Office to discuss your project further.