Project Description

Duke Environmental were commissioned by the client to undertake an Ecological Assessment and as a result of this assessment, a Threatened Species Management Plan, Local Development Code Response and Referral to Commonwealth government for a controlled action were also required. This assessment commenced with desktop analysis including local, state and commonwealth searches and aerial photo search.

Project description

The site was mapped as providing essential habitat for a number of acid frog species including the Commonwealth listed Wallum Sedge Frog (Litoria olongburensis). As a result, Duke Environmental were commissioned to further undertake an extensive frog survey, including frog call playbacks, dusk and dawn surveys, GPS referenced location of frog spawn and ground truthed habitat provision areas. The on site assessment also included identification and GPS referenced location of listed threatened species under the EPBC Act. In this instance the Whip-stick wattle (Acacia attenuata) was also observed onsite.

A flora and fauna assessment was conducted, including ground truthing of onsite vegetation communities and DEHP mapped Regional Ecosystem types. Survey results concluded the presence of acid frogs and essential habitat areas of the vulnerably listed Wallum Sedge Frog (Litoria olongburensis). As a result, a threatened species management plan including translocation management was prepared to accompany a referral to Commonwealth government. Fortunately translocation was not required as the client opted to set aside a covenanted conservation area to protect the frog habitat.

As the clearing of vegetation within the proposed development site included Nature Conservation Areas, an offset was required under local legislation. In accordance with the Sunshine Coast Council Planning Scheme, a suitable offset rehabilitation area was selected and a rehabilitation plan was also prepared.

Based on the environmental management proposed, Duke was successful in gaining approval for this project under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and the development was deemed ‘Not a Controlled Action’ requiring no further assessment or investigation from the Commonwealth Government.

Project services

  • Ecological assessment
  • Threatened species management plan
  • Frog survey
  • Flora and fauna assessment
  • Rehabilitation plan