Hire Experts for Liquor Licensing

We should first underline that any legitimate element, regardless of whether an individual or an association, can purchase a liquor license without procuring Australian spirits permitting specialists. Remember that the legitimate procedures in getting an Australian Spirits permit are interested in the overall population, also that anyone who can read and compose can apply for [...]

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How to Pick a Right Acoustic Consultant

When you are planning to set up another business or private establishment, influence uncommon spaces in your present structures to hinder each and every outside tumult, to amass an advanced or redirection complex or do anything remotely practically identical in your locale, you might need to keep up the precepts and bearings of your zone. [...]

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Procedure to Remove Underground Fuel Tanks

Soil contamination often results from leaks in underground fuel tanks which is a growing problem as aging underground steel tanks around the country begin to fail. The growing use of modern fuel blends that can corrode older tanks and fittings, many more tanks are likely to fail over the next decade. Call in firms who [...]

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Things You Should Know Before Undertaking Flora and Fauna Assessment

Flora and fauna assessment in Queensland is essential to know the likely impacts a project may have on the natural environment by identifying the presence and extent of flora and fauna species and ecological communities in that site. The data collected through on-ground assessments is supplemented with information obtained through the desktop interrogation of relevant [...]

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Some Effective Ways to Speed Up Soil Remediation

If you are planning to develop a site your first step should be to get a Phase 1 desk study of the site carried out by an environmental consultant. A Phase 1 desk study involves the collection of as much historical data on a site as practical, then interpreting the information to form a conceptual [...]

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Know What Causes Soil Contamination and How to Detect Soil Contamination

Soil pollution caused by multi-component mixed pollutant, salt solution or non-aqueous phase organic (NAPLs) has become the common geotechnical environment problems. Soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) in the soil, in high enough concentrations to pose a risk to human health and/or the ecosystem. The demand for land [...]

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Vibration Monitoring

Duke Environmental offers a range of environmental services that are tailored to meet client specifications and regulatory standards.  We have just completed the Vibration monitoring to comply with Department of Transport and Mains Roads (TMR) contractual obligations during the road resurfacing along Nicklin Way, Currimundi, Sunshine Coast.  The units monitor the impact to residences and [...]

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Soil Pollution and Its Effects

The earth has suffered massive environmental degradation with the advent of industrialisation. Pollution is most severe in third world nations but is also present in industrialised nations. Pesticide, oil and fuel dumping, leaching of wastes from landfills, and direct discharge of industrial wastes contaminate the soil. The most common chemicals found in contaminated soil are [...]

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How to Conduct a Land Assessment Programme

Evaluating the quality of land is not always a simple task. You require the assistance of an expert when it comes to potential site contamination. The assessment normally happens in two stages. This is a standard process that is followed by the renowned organisations across the world. Phase 1: A preliminary site investigation or desktop study is [...]

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Measures to Prevent Soil Pollution

Water is a fundamental unit of nature. Large-scale industrialisation and urbanisation, the increasing population in the cities and subsequent waste products produced are polluting the environment. Due to the proliferation of wastes, pollution is spreading further. Solid and liquid waste comes from anthropogenic sources and if not disposed of correctly, pollutes the terrestrial and aquatic environments. Solid waste gets [...]

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