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Some Effective Ways to Speed Up Soil Remediation

If you are planning to develop a site your first step should be to get a Phase 1 desk study of the site carried out by an environmental consultant. A Phase 1 desk study involves the collection of as much historical data on a site as practical, then interpreting the information to form a conceptual [...]

By | October 31st, 2017|Soil and Water Remediation|

Know What Causes Soil Contamination and How to Detect Soil Contamination

Soil pollution caused by multi-component mixed pollutant, salt solution or non-aqueous phase organic (NAPLs) has become the common geotechnical environment problems. Soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic chemicals (pollutants or contaminants) in the soil, in high enough concentrations to pose a risk to human health and/or the ecosystem. The demand for land [...]

By | October 25th, 2017|Environmental Consultant|

Vibration Monitoring

Duke Environmental offers a range of environmental services that are tailored to meet client specifications and regulatory standards.  We have just completed the Vibration monitoring to comply with Department of Transport and Mains Roads (TMR) contractual obligations during the road resurfacing along Nicklin Way, Currimundi, Sunshine Coast.  The units monitor the impact to residences and [...]

By | October 16th, 2017|Environmental Consultant, Latest news|